"If only I knew what she wanted", it's a phrase I hear from my guy friends all the time. Okay the truth is I say that a lot too. Could it be that in the next few lines eyes are about to be opened and lives changed? I doubt it, but I do think I have stumbled on to something special. I would say that any man that achieves 5 of the 10 has a pretty good chance at an amazing relationship. If you go more than 5, which really isn't that hard to do, I think you will have your partner melt in your arms and purring like a kitten at the mere mention of your name. Fellows, I challenge you to dive deeper into this article, ladies I look for your additions to the list. I was going to do a follow  up article called "10 Things A Man Wants" but after, a cold beer and something nekkid, the list seemed complete.