It is scientifically proven that pet owners are happier people. Pets automatically lift our spirits when we are in a bad mood.  They can be cuddly, over protective, funny, playful, or just plain lazy. However, pets evolve and learn from their owners. I have come across plenty of pets who reminded me exactly of their owner.. this isn't always good. Believe it or not, we could learn 20 simple, life lessons from our pets. In a WebMD article, I learned how easy it is to follow our pet's footsteps:

1.) Forget multitasking- Pets give everything their undivided attention. This could be extremely useful in the workplace. Maybe we need to start slowing down more and things will be more efficient.
2.) Take naps- Our pets will not go an entire day without taking a little cat nap. Maybe if we had the time to take a 20 minute nap, we would feel more refreshed and ready to finish our daily tasks.
3.) Walk/run every day- Walking every day is the best way to reduce stress and diseases.  Everything good will come out of a daily 30 minute stroll.
4.) Cultivate friendships- Making friends  helps the world go round. Lets always be open to meeting new people and forming positive relationships.
5.) Live in the moment- Enjoy exactly what makes you happy, whether it be a fun hobby or relaxing on the couch with a loved one.  Always live in the moment and try not to worry about outside stresses.
6.) Don't hold a grudge- Grudges are the easiest thing to hold, but are damaging to ourselves. Let go of any grudges and move on with life.  Dogs will wrestle and get into spats but they shortly forget.
7.) Wag- Even though we don't have a tail, our way of "wagging" is to smile.  Smiling is attractive, contagious, and boosts the mood!
8.) Maintain curiosity- Pets are always curious; being curious leads to knowledge. We should always maintain a curiosity for life.
9.) Be silly- Let your hair down and laugh! Joke around, giggle, and be happy. Laughter really is the best medicine.
10.) Get a back rub- the sense of touch is like no other. Who doesn't enjoy a long massage? Make time to get a back rub from a loved one or at a spa. Pets look so much more rejuvenated after their bellies have been rubbed for 10 minutes.

Hopefully we all can learn a little something from our furry friends. They truly live the simple, good life.