One of the regular features we offer you each morning about 6:40 am on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show is a segment we call "What Were THEY Smoking". It's a daily cavalcade of regular people doing stupid things. Unlike celebrities who can just show up and get talked about regular people like you and I have to do something really outstanding to get our names in the paper.

The gentleman in this story, William Todd, may be the most prolific horses hiney we have ever come across. He hit Nashville from Kentucky traveling by Greyhound bus. Once arriving in Music City he just went on a spree that that even T.J. Hooker would have trouble keeping up with.If you can imagine averaging a felony about every hour and ten minutes then you can  imagine the kind of jack wagon this guy is. Somewhere I know his parents must be proud. Proud that they changed their names that is.