There is something magical that happens when the air turns crisp and cool and the December winds blow a holiday feeling into town. People start smiling a lot more. Stars shine a little brighter at night. Dogs hide under the bed so their owners won't dress them up in ridiculous costumes!

My dog Max, the world's greatest dog, hated to wear Christmas costumes. He had reindeer horns and a Christmas sweater that my wife used to dress him up in. That was until the night we left him  alone wearing his sweater. When we woke up the next day the sweater was ripped to shreds and out in the back yard his poo was accented for the holidays with fine bits of red and green felt. Ahhh the memories.

We know you love dressing your pet for the holidays so we submit for your enjoyment a gallery of dogs dressed for Christmas. If you have a picture of your pup or pet in all of their yuletide glory we'd be honored to share that with our audience too.