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We are blessed with great food, art, music, people and so much more here in Louisiana. We have a specialty meat market on every corner, every gas station sells alcohol AND their own brand of seasoning, and we have better food at gas station here than most states have in their best restaurants. If you don't believe that, try getting some boudin and cracklin' in Connecticut. We celebrate by throwing thousands of beads at people we don't actually know, we get excited about tv shows that feature alligators, and generally just have a good time when there is ANY kind of food involved. We are awesome, and people come from all over the world to visit our beautiful state.


Check out some of the things you can only find here in Louisiana,and feel free to scream 'CHOOT 'EM!!' at the top of your lungs while perusing. Some of my favorites are below, but be sure to check out the whole list!


Ride a gator

Awesome things that end in 'eaux'

Voodoo, and not just in New Orleans

Plastic babies in cakes

Festivals to celebrate everything and anything you can think of

Vegetables in Mardi Gras Colors

Airboats that are faster than your car

Food that is better than the rest of the country, and don't even THINK about arguing over this one