It's one thing to use government assistance if you really need it to provide for yourself or your family. If you win 2 million dollars in a state lottery you'd think that the food stamps would be among the first things to go. Not if you're a parasite like Leroy Fick, he not only continues using food stamps, he uses them with pride.

 The truth of the matter is we can't lay this all in the lap of Leroy, he actually is playing by the rules. It is the system that is screwed-way-the-heck up! Gee I never thought I would be able to say that about food stamps, government programs or healthcare, go figure!

So what do you think about food stamp users even being able to play the lottery? Isn't that a luxury? Should food stamp users be subject to random drug screens? I am sure Mr. Fick would feel right at home in parts of New Orleans where the government has been propping up the illegal drug trade for decades now.