Have you ever run across a wallet or money on the ground?  Most of the time it's just an accident, and the person doesn't even know they lost it.  However, sometimes people do experiments on how honest people are.  Well it possibly could have happened today at UL Lafayette Campus!

As I was walking to class this morning I was confronted with a $20 bill laying so perfectly on the cement sidewalk.  Just before reaching it a girl saw it too, and bent down to pick it up, but maybe her conscience kicked in!  She stood back up and walked away.

I won't lie, it was tempting, but I walked past it too.  Maybe it was just an accident, but not more than 30 minutes passed and on my way to another class, it appears the same crispy, perfectly folded bill was following me around campus.

Was it a school project?

Was it a new T.V. show they were making?

Would you have picked it up? Has this ever happened to you?