People are crazy over their pets. We dress them up for every holiday, celebrate their birthdays, parade them around at Mardi Gras, spend hundreds of dollars to make them feel comfortable, kind of like we treat our own kids! Huffington Post has compiled a hilarious set of signs that perfectly describes the love most pet owners in America have for their four legged friends. Some of my favorites are below.


  • You get fresh organic food for your them
  • You can't help but dress them up for holidays, and sometimes 'just because'
  • Fancy professional photo shoots are nothing new for your pet
  • You take them on vacation with you
  • You schedule spa days for them
  • You worry about how to get them into exclusive doggy day care schools
  • You document each milestone
  • Birthday parties with their BFF's are a must
  • You wonder if your pet has social anxiety issues