Facebook can be a lot of fun. Here at 97.3 The Dawg our fan page is a great way for you to keep up with us and us to keep up with you. Your personal fan page, that could be a big problem especially if you put too much information for all of your friends and those who are not so friendly to see.

One: Your full birthdate, especially the year: that's a ticket to ID theft. Month and day are fine for your friends. Leave the year out.

Two: Photos of young children, with their names linked to the photo.

Three: Saying online when you are going out of town, which is a welcome mat to local burglars.

Does this sound obvious? It's not. Consumer Reports says almost half of Facebook users post their full birthdate.

I guess you're going to need a minute to run check your Facebook page huh? Please be careful online and remember you are always safe here with us.