First of all I'm a single 20 year old male.  Second, I've done some research!  And here is what I've found out about what you ladies really don't care about, and what really drives you crazy.  Correct me if any of these are wrong, please. You know what you like in a guy, and what you don't like; and you wish we knew these things sometimes!

So from this wonderful 10 Things We Wish Men Knew, I've compiled my Top 3 "Critical, Brad let's change the way you do this!"

3. Those t-shirts with the giant designs on the front are not cute. Please don’t wear them.

- Define "giant" for me please?  So what you are saying is I can't wear my "97.3 The Dawg shirt!"  That's not going to happen, that's my prized possession!

2. We know you’re hot, that’s one of the reasons we’re dating you.  But that doesn’t mean you have to act like you know how hot you are by constantly walking around shirtless, flexing your muscles, etc. Confidence is hot – cockiness is not.

- So there's the reason I'm still single!  Bam, my problems are all solved.  It's just not fair.  I workout so hard, I just can't get that 6 pack of abs or ripped muscles!  Hey, if I dress myself up as a "Hot Pepper" maybe I'll be considered hot.

1. We don’t like it when you pass gas.  Especially if you do it in bed, or while we’re eating.  Gross, not funny… and you’re wasting your time thinking that we’ll ever “learn to love them.”

- I can't say that this is me.  I mean it's a call of nature, right?  And don't act like you don't laugh when you are with your girl friends!  I agree, it's not polite during supper, but how come it's so funny when a little kid just "flatulates" and then giggles like it's no big deal!


So my conclusion to solve this single problem is 1) Get Polo T-shirts with nothing on them. 2) Get really muscular, tan, and then not walk around shirtless. 3) Don't pass gas around women!

Sounds like a plan to me!  Any more advice?