Most things I see when I go to Wal-Mart don't surprise me. Wal-Mart is the giant mixing bowl of America. It's not a melting pot because melting implies that we would want to be co-mingling with some of the life forms that inhabit your local low price leader.

This story surprised even me. I must admit I have never seen a 300 pound man walking around naked in any Wal-Mart I have ever been in. I am not sure if that's because of store policy or if most of the big boys choose to show only a little butt crack while bending over in the fishing lure aisle.

Regardless, this incident actually happened at a Wal-Mart in Pennsylvania. A gentleman decided his clothes were just a little too tasteful I guess so he stripped them off and then walked into the store to get some socks. I love the TV anchor woman's line at the end of the story, " There was no official answer as to whether the man chose to wear one sock or two.