I think ever since the New Orleans Saints won a Super Bowl, if they're not in it, I don't care. Seems like a third of America doesn't care either.

A new survey out shows that about 34% of Americans don't care which teams wins the Big Game. 35% of respondents are rooting for the San Francisco 49ers and 31% want the Baltimore Ravens to notch the win.

Men, who know that it's evil to pull for the cheaters (winks), prefer the Ravens by a 37% to 35% margin, and women want the 49ers to win by a 35% to 25% margin.

The survey went so far as to ask political party affiliations. Republicans are 49er fans by a pretty big margin, 43% to 26% while Democrats prefer the Ravens, 39% to 33%.

Finally, and not surprisingly, the top three Super Bowl snack foods are chips & dips, pizza and nachos. But we all know in south Louisiana it's more like gumbo, boiled crawfish and seafood dip!