Smiling is one of the best things anyone can do.  It starts a chain reaction.  Have you ever seen someone smile while they walk, talk, work, etc?  The reason they are doing that is because it helps them "feel-good!"  So what are 4 Simple ways that men can make women smile?

From the list of 30 Ways, we've taken the top 4:

1. No matter how bad at dancing you are, and even if there is no music, slow dance with her.

-Oh, quick question, no matter how bad of a dancer you are?

2. Men love to be right, right?  Well, even if you are correct, give up!  Let her win

- Ouch that's hard to do.

3. She is beautiful.  No matter how much men like to say "pretty or cute," Call her beautiful.

- Alright no problem on that one.

4.  Let her know that you never want to lose her.  Never ever ever. Amen

- Would singing her the Randy Travis song work? "I'm Gunna Love You Forever and ever, Aaaaay men!"


Do you think any of these would make you smile?

Which one is your favorite?

Please share more ways!