Did that headline just make you choke a little bit too? It seems there is a certain President of a certain country that still doesn't understand America's energy situation? Or maybe it's me that doesn't get it, so I will yield to someone who actually has been in the energy business.

But former Shell executive John Hofmeister offered a more aggressive estimate, saying Americans could be paying $5 a gallon in two years. And he predicted that sometime between 2018 and 2020, supply and demand will become so out of balance that gas stations in several regions of the country will simply start to run out.

I wonder if the White House has anyone on staff that is remotely familiar with the way the Oil and Gas Industry affects not only the economy of South Louisiana but the Nation. I hope you will read on and get an industry insiders point of view on what could be a very dire situation if not handled in the best interest of the nation. As always your comments are appreciated.

(via Former Oil Exec Predicts $5-a-Gallon Gas by 2012, Energy Shortages by Decade's End - FoxNews.com.)