The prank at graduation is a time honored tradition. Sometimes Senior class send-offs go a little too far. Just ask some of this year's Seniors at Comeaux High School or certain members of the Senior class of Crowley High a few years back. They decided to be stupid by letting livestock roam free in the school.

Remember, we said the pranking was a tradition, we said nothing about it being smart. I am sure every Senior who has been busted in a prank in the waning days of a high school career has lived to regret it.  Here are some more pranks that may or may not have involved suspended diplomas and transcripts that were held hostage.

1.The Graduate of Steel


2.The Underground Tunnel Endless Parade Of Students Prank


3. The Pac Man On Campus Prank


4. Weed High (Real Name of School) Fast Times Prank


5. What A Long Strange Trip It's Been