There is a saying that "Everyone's a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day." There is no doubt that saying comes from the celebration that honors Ireland's favorite Saint. To be Irish is to share a love of life, friends and drink. If you ask me, the Irish spirit seems to be very kindred to the Cajun spirit. Maybe that's why we always have such a good time when we get together for Patty in the Parc. This year's celebration is Thursday, St. Patrick's Day. The gates will open at Parc International at 5pm. There will be music from Connie G with the J.B. Saax Band, Wayne Toups, and The Chee-Weez.

Since almost everyone in attendance will claim to be just a little bit Irish, you might as well take it step further and learn a little Irish slang to prove you are telling the truth when you ask someone to "Kiss Me, I'm Irish"


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    Mon We Get Langers

    At first you might think this isn't Irish, it's Jamaican! Don't fret and put your head in dreadlocks. It is Irish and it means, "Ok, let's go drinking". I am pretty sure you will find more than a few friends to join you every time you say this one.

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    Divil A Bother

    This is the phrase that you hope you'll hear if you ask someone to get you a beer or a drink of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Divil A Bother means, not a problem. Since we'll have plenty to drink and lots of great music having a great time at Patty in the Parc will 'divil a bother'.

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    Melted Wellie

    This is another phrase that won't be as widely used on Thursday as it will be on Friday. Melted Wellie is an Irish slang term that means really hungover. We hope you  won't get to that point. By the way we will have a designated driver tent where those who will be doing the driving can get a wrist band that allows them free water and Red Bull for being so responsible.

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    Nice From Far, But Far From Nice

    Patty in the Parc is a great place to increase the population of your social circle. If you aren't bringing your significant other or coming with a group you might want to find a dance partner in the crowd. This phrase is used to describe someone who looks pretty nice from a distance but once they get closer you realize the green beer must have been clouding your vision. Let's hope they aren't saying this about you at Patty in the Parc.

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    Grin Like A Dead Hare

    The person this phrase applies to most likely would be considered a candidate for our number 4 term too. Grin like a dead hare is a phrase used to describe someone whose dental work could use some help. Okay, they are missing a lot of teeth or have a grill that looks like a busted fence. Maybe that's why only the Irish eyes do the smiling.

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