Think about that one person, who you always check up on, on Facebook. The profile you can recite back to that person and tell them what they said. You might, just might be a stalker.

1. Check In Creeper

When someone says that they went to the mall and you respond back that you already knew! It might just creep them out a bit. It's perfectly fine to have gone to the mall and ran into that person and check Facebook and they just so happen to be there. True Facebook stalkers would remember everywhere that the other person went.

2. Privacy Settings Aggravate You.

When you click on someone's profile and you can't get into any of their pictures or see their wall? Like, your ex or a family member you are in a feud with. Doesn't that just set you off? Really?

3. Personal Profile Self Checker

You constantly click on and scroll through your profile. Checking to make sure that if your ex or someone you want to impress clicks on it, they get exactly the experience you want them to get. Don't want to look dumb, now do we?

4. You know your best friend from college's friends, neighbors.

Believe me, I've lost myself in constantly clicking along with other profiles of people who look "interesting."
You tell yourself, "Hey, lets go see how Billy-bob is doing." and the next thing you know you're looking a Billy-bob's twice removed cousin from his home town in Nowheresville, USA.

5. You can recite your best friends blog by heart.

You've been through your best friends Facebook profile, clicked on every link to a page they like and "accidentally" stumbled upon their blog. Well I'm sure you know their life inside and out better than they do!
Don't try to hide it, if you scroll through their blog just to see the funny pictures they post, you know you're getting a kick out of it. Heck next time they get mad at you, you can even use a little of that "dirt" against them.

Still not convinced you're a Facebook Stalker? It's okay, denial is common. Acceptance is the first step to recovery!