Who knows better what a College Student Can't Live Without than an actual College Student? Well that is me. It's funny to walk on campus and see these things that people actually have and can't go without. So from my own experience and asking a few friends, it's "5 Things Every College Student Can't Live Without!"

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    Cell phone (Preferably iPhone)

    These days college students can’t go 10 minutes without checking Facebook or playing Angry Birds. It seems like what the professor is lecturing about has no effect on how we as college students care. Not only are phones good to spend time waiting to get out of class counting the minutes, but hey, let’s not copy the slides (PowerPoint). Why would we use our hands? We just take a picture on our phone and never have to pay attention. I’m not exaggerating!

    (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)
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    Bottle of Advil by the Bed

    Ouch! I’ve got a headache. Why is that? Probably because we all stay up until way after midnight. With the whole list of things we have to do: Test at 8am, project due at 9:30am, speech to give at 11am... Wait where in that time frame did I eat something? Never. Why? Because it is a hectic life. So a headache comes on the next morning from lack of sleep and nutrition, but no it is time to take another test. Just pop a couple Advil. Those who hold jobs, well sorry! or on the other side; those college students who are of “legal age” to drink, go out and party until 2am, but forget about that Biology final at 9am. Again, pop a couple Advil and do the dang thing. (P.S. I do not condone underage binge drinking)

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    Caffeine/ Energy Shots

    C’mon, just keep me awake for 4 more hours so i can get this test out of the way. I promise to crash right after that “body”. It is always amazing to see how many college students study at a coffee shop. For one, it is impossible for myself to study with noise, and the other reason coffee just doesn’t do the trick anymore. You will see some students go through 2 or 3 pots of coffee or coke’s the night before a big test. But what happens? It wears off and we start to crash. Only way to fix that? Drink more caffeine!

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    Subscription or a friend with University Notes

    Why would a college student actually go to college to study and do well on tests. Okay, that was harsh. But it is very evident college students, or most of “us” are interested in how to pass a test, but let’s make it easy. University notes is an online website where previous students can post class “notes” and tests to aid (keyword) in studying. Actually, this in my humble opinion is rockin’. Teachers change up tests each semester, so it is a great general guide for what a test will be like. You know some teachers can teach one thing and test on something totally different. Disagree if you want!

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    Cajun Card/Student ID

    When I walk to get my caffeine fix on campus it’s always nice to receive a 10% or 15% discount on what ever i’m buying. The thing is a coupon book in itself! There are so many things that a college student can usually do with their own ID. Not only are we able to get discounts on coffee and such, we also get discounts around town for movies, food, and various other activities that we partake in. This saves us some money to have for ourselves... (yeah right, we all know that just goes towards books) Also, our student ID’s get us into most if not all of the University’s sporting events. Football games are a big one! The gobs of money we would spend on tickets can be rightfully put towards tailgating supplies!