It is almost Mardi Gras and with all of the parties, king cakes, and alcohol many of us have probably forgot about our New Years Resolution:  to get into shape.  Before we know it will be a week until Spring Break and looking in the mirror will not be a pleasant sight.  However, I have discovered five, fun and flirty dance moves that will pump your body into high gear.  Keep in mind that dancing is great cardio and it can be done almost anywhere.  Remember to try these fun dance moves at your next Mardi Gras ball!

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    Belly Dancing

    Belly Dancing is a great lower body workout. Correct posture and muscle control will stimulate the hips, legs and core. I've heard before the best way to belly dance is pretend to lift one butt cheek over an invisible stool. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do the moves faster and more controlled. Shimmying or performing rotations of the hips will certainly help those love handles.

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    Hip Hop

    One of the best ways to blast your body into high gear. Hip hop stimulates the abs due to the hip rolling, squats, and continuous jumping. Add a little arm movement with your lower body and you will feel the burn after thirty minutes. Try to join a local hip hop class, three days a week to jump start your workout!

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    Ballroom Dancing

    I'm sure everyone has seen an episode of Dancing With The Stars. The celebrities on the show are pushed to the maximum, and just because we don't have a dance partner to yell at us and make us do thirty push ups, does not mean we can't try to learn a couple of dances. To all of you couples: try to convince your significant other to sign up for a ballroom dancing class. If your single and ready to mingle, join a class by yourself. It could help you meet someone special!

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    This type of dance has gotten a lot of hype lately from celebrities, tv shows, and gyms. Zumba is a combination between hip hop, salsa, samba, martial arts, belly dance, and a few others. It is an excellent way to get into shape. Don't worry if you are a beginner because there are seven different level classes for different age groups. If you are too shy to join a Zumba class, dvds are for sale everywhere, so you can work out in the comfort of your own living room.

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    Country Western

    A great, fun way to get on the dance floor by yourself, or with a partner, and show everyone what you got! Line dancing or swing dancing; it can be done and you won't have to be at the gym to take part. You will definitely work up a sweat.