Chances are sometime later today or before the start of the new year you will find yourself making small talk. The art of making small talk is having something interesting to say. While you want to be interesting you don't want to come off as a know it all.

The folks at Buzzfeed, a wonderful website for the informed and absurd, have created this easy to watch yet blissfully fun video. In the video you will learn a simple fact about every state in the union. That way if you meet strangers from other places you can start the conversation by whipping out a nugget about their home territory. It will look as if you are worldly and well informed. It will also buy you enough time to think of a reason to not chat with them if they appear to be boring.

One of my favorite excuses for leaving is " I have to get something in my car". When they ask what that "something" is, I tell them the "something" is to "get the heck out of here". I don't go to many parties.