Grand Ole Opry Stars Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins were also on the plane that killed Country Music Hall of Fame member Patsy Cline 50 years ago this week. So was Randy Hughes, Patsy's manager, and a talented musician in his own right. But they are sometimes overlooked in the tragedy by the shining star that was Patsy Cline. You can imagine that this might cause some resentment from family members over the years, and some hurt feelings on the anniversary of the tragedy every year. You would be right.

Country Music Hall of Fame member Jean Shepard was married to Hawkshaw Hawkins when the plane crashed on March 5,1963. She talks to the Nashville Tennessean about that terrible day 50 years ago.

Kathy Copas Hughes was married to Randy Hughes at the time, and her dad was Cowboy Copas, so she lost her husband AND her father that day. I know Ms Kathy , and her 2 sons Rick and Larry. She sold my daughter Courtney her first house in Nashville, and is a lovely lady.

The loss of Patsy Cline at the age of 30 was a blow to not only her family, but the music world and generations of music lovers to come. But the other people on the plane have their stories, and fans, and families, as well.