Famous people usually make a lot of money. No big stretch right there. Somewhere along the way their "assets" usually help them make the aforementioned load of fat jack. So, celebrities have to take care of what their mommas gave them. Here's a list of 6 crazy things celebrities have insured.

[Traci Taylor's Blog]

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    Their Cans

    You can understand this one to a degree. Take Dolly Parton for example. She once insured hers for $300,000 each. She sure can sing but then again her "trademarks" sure haven't hurt her career.

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    Their Tongues

    This one is a bit confusing to me. Why would you insure your tongue? What's the chances of your tongue getting injured? Anyhoo, Gene Simmons, with probably the most famous tongue ever, insured his for $1 million!

    Jo Hale, Getty Images
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    Their Fingers

    Now this one I get, especially for the famous guitar players. If you're a Brad Paisley or Keith Urban, you better get State Farm on the line and see what they got to cover your guitar pickin' phalanges. However, Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards insured his middle finger on his left hand for $1.6 million. (That's the only finger you need to play guitar?)

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    Their Voices

    Now this one makes all the world of sense. You can sing, so you should make sure your singing instrument is protected. Bruce Springsteen and Rod Stewart both have their voices insured for a whopping $6 million. I insure my voice with the Halls of Medicine™.

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    Their Hair

    Michael Jackson should've done this before the incident. One notable person though who does have insurance for the follicles on the top is Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu who actually has his hair insured by Proctor and Gamble for $1 million because he's the Heads and Shoulders spokesman. And at one point it was alleged that Sir Tom Jones had his chest hair covered for $7 million!

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    Their Smiles

    We've seen a lot of celebs endorse toothpaste and teeth whitening products over the years. It would only be fitting that these companies want their product peddlers to have the pearly whites. For example, when actress America Ferrera was the spokeswoman for Aqua Fresh her smile was insured for $10 million. Cheese!

    Isaac Brekken, Getty Images