I will be honest with you when I say taking constructive criticism is probably one of the hardest things for me to do.  You probably can relate in some similar aspect of your life, correct?  Maybe at work, maybe from an athletic coach, maybe from a really good friend; it is all so hard to take in.

We feel that we are being attacked and just can't understand why.  So how have I approached these criticisms?  Well, I'll be honest again in saying after the anger goes away I have tried these 7 tips:

1) Asked myself, "What Can I Learn From What Was Talked About?

Sometimes that is very confusing.  Am I being too stubborn to see the good that could come out of me letting go of my pride and taking the suggestion.

2. Responded to the suggestions given in the criticism, and not the tone of the person giving it, or the words used.

3. Realized that criticism is just as important as being praised (No matter how hard that is to believe, it's true)

4. Learn to distinguish between constructive criticism and criticism that doesn't have any proof; or the person can't help you to make what they criticized any better.

5. Let my blood stop boiling over with anger and embarrassment before making any remarks or decisions.

6. Brad, Don't take it personally!  This is probably the hardest one for me. It's hard to understand they aren't criticizing me as a person.

7. Smile!  Smile! Smile!  No matter how "not happy I am" I have really tried to give a big smile because I figure if I do that it will calm me down a bit!

I know these may not all work for you, but I really feel that we all have a tough time accepting constructive criticism!  And these have helped me a bit to keep pushing even when I wanted to give up.