To be honest I never knew most of these hairstyles had a name. I just lived through them. I remember getting a perm like Mike Brady did in the latter years of the Brady Bunch but for the most part I never really had a hair style. The girls I knew that was a different story. All I know was in the 80's your hair had to be big. I mean touching the roof of the car big. I think my wife ripped her own personal hole in the ozone using a product called AquaNet.

No, I didn't ask her permission to use this picture do you think that will be a problem? You think she will get mad? I guess somebody is going to be getting flowers, lots of flowers, later today! 

I believe Aqua-Net was some sort of spray on glue like substance used to keep hair high, bangs in place and fingers from running through. Did you have high hair in the 80's? I know you did! By the way yes that is me, circa 1988 in the picture. Isn't it funny how all of you have gotten older and I still look exactly the same (wink).