If you missed this morning's 5:20 Funnies, here it is in written form, courtesy of SpiceyCajun.com. Enjoy dis like dat.

Boudreaux, Thibodeaux, an Robichaux was standin' at de gates of heven. Saint Peter met dem an he axe, "Wat would you like to hear your relativs an friedns say at your funeral?" Robichaux say, "Ah was a well known heart doctor an Ah would love to hear someone say how Ah operate on dey heart an save dey life an gave dem a secont chance."  Thibodeaux say, "Me, Ah was a school teacher an Ah shore would like to here someone say dat Ah was de one who made a diference in dey life an taut  them to be a success." Boudreaux, him, he say. "You bote was grate men, an dose tings are reely grate, but me, if Ah had mah choice, Ah would rather here someone say, "LOOK, HE'S MOVIN!"