Some people believe in ghosts, some people believe in Bigfoot. Some people believe the government is actually supposed to make your life better. I don't really fall into any of those categories of people. I have no problem with ghosts, as long as they are quiet. Bigfoot is not an issue to me as long as he stays out of the flowerbeds. Government will start making our lives better when Bigfoot and a ghost dance to Tee Nah Nah in my kitchen.

I do have my own personal encounter with the museum of the hard to believe. It started when I was a small child in Starkville MS. The house I grew up in was your basic house. It had a garage, a family room, a dining area, a kitchen, and a long hallway that lead to the bedrooms. In that long hallway was where I had my first encounter with a demon that still haunts me to this day.

Midway down the hall, directly across from the linen closest was what looked to be a light switch. If you flipped it up or down it acted like a light switch. The problem, this switch appeared to control nothing. There were no lights, no fans, no magic doors, nothing that seem be connected to this switch. Despite that knowledge, I flipped that damn switch almost everyday of my life hoping it would someday give up its secret.

This was the beginning of my relationship with the phantom switch. In my first apartment I had a similar switch issue. It was in a much shorter hall across from the bathroom. The first house that my wife, Jill, and I bought in Lafayette on Sundance Pass there was a switch near the back of the house that only turned aggravation on and off.

In our current home there is yet another switch that is just outside my bedroom door. It is part of a two switch panel. One of the switches turns the patio lights on, the other switch just clicks ominously. It's as if the specter of phantom switch from my childhood has followed me into every abode in which I live. Do you think the spirit world is behind this? Or do you think I have simply purchased homes from shoddy contractors?

I have heard tales of other people having similar switches, knobs, buttons, and even doors that do nothing or lead to nowhere. If you have had a similar experience or a currently living with the hell of the unknown right now please let me know. I need to know if I am just going crazier with every unresponsive click I make or if this is some kind of conspiracy designed to keep the minds of our greatest thinkers occupied.