Yesterday's rains and cool breezes have done something amazing for me. I can honestly say that for the first time in at least a week I can breathe.

The rain from  yesterday's frontal passage did more than cool the temperatures down. It washed the atmosphere of all that pollen that has been making people like you and stuffy, sneezy and irritable.

According one pollen tracking website the pollen counts for South Louisiana should remain low through the weekend. The nice breeze out of the north will also push a lot of our native airborne irritants out into the Gulf of Mexico allowing those of us that are up to our armpits in used tissues to breathe a little easier.

Just because the pollen count from trees and weeds will be low over the next few days doesn't mean you'll be totally in the clear. The breeze from the north will bring in some other irritants such as pollen from the grasses of the Great Plains.  However the concentration of hay fever causing catalyst that have been hanging in our air for the last month won't be as heavily concentrated as we saw before the cold front moved through.