What is it about the Moon? For centuries it has helped human civilization chart the course of time. It's helped sailing ships discover new lands. It's helped lovers fall in love. It's also been the inspiration for some great country songs.

Tonight if you're interested in being inspired or falling in love I suggest you focus your attention skyward. The star of the show won't be hard to miss. If you're looking for some great Moon songs, we've got a few listed below.

Tonight is another of what the NASA people call "super moons". They are designated as such because of two things. A super moon occurs when the  moon goes full at the time its orbit around the Earth is at its closest. In case you're wondering the moon doesn't orbit the Earth in a perfect circle, it's more like an oval.

Professional stargazers say tonight's super moon will appear to be 30% brighter and 12% bigger than a typical full moon. This would make tonight's moon, the "superest" of all the super moons this summer.  That means kids enjoying one more night out in the neighborhood will have a little more light to get into mischief.

While the super moon might look impressive, it should hold no more power over our imaginations that the regular full moon. Personally I wouldn't mention that part, especially if I was courting my sweetheart. I would tell her the light of the super moon will only shine on those truly in love and then I would make my move. Be sure and read my story tomorrow when I tell you how reduce the swelling in a black eye caused by an unwanted romantic advance.

In the meantime, here are some of our favorite Moon Songs:

Mississippi Moon - John Anderson:


Honky Tonk Moon - Randy Travis:


Cajun Moon - Ricky Skaggs: