Jack is glued to the computer, Anna is texting at least three friends at the same time, I would love to be watching a football game, car race or anything on the eating channel and Jill, my wife, wants the house cleaned NOW! That is a typical Saturday at my house does it sound familiar to you? So how do you get the kids (and me) to help out around the house and get the chores done the way you want them done? How much allowance? How big a stick do you threaten with?

Dividing household chores and getting them done isn't always easy. But there are ways to make chores, well, a little bit less of a chore. Think of it as one-part attitude and one-part approach.

The way you approach it and what chores you assign to each child might make a huge difference, we've got some wonderful suggestions if you click below. Just don't e-mail the wife, I still would rather watch TV if you know what I  mean.