The airline industry has gone to ridiculous heights to stick it the American public for things that used to be, and should be, free. They charge outrageous fees, and then don't understand why everyone hates them so much.. One passenger on DELTA Airlines obviously agrees.

From FOX News: On Tuesday morning, a frustrated passenger on Delta Air Lines Flight 1452 from Seattle Tacoma International Airport to New York's JFK International Airport took luggage fee resentment to a new level. The traveler apparently simply gave up his bags.

Rather than face $1,400 in overweight baggage fees, the flier opted to leave his belongings behind at the Delta check-in kiosk in Seattle.  As a result, the Delta lobby was closed down for more than two hours while security inspected the unattended luggage. Upon interviewing the traveler, officials determined there was no criminal intent by the passenger. $1400 in baggage fees?? Way to go, Delta.