It was billed as the Game of the Century and for four plus quarters both the team from the University of Alabama and the team from Louisiana State University demonstrated why they are the two top college football teams in the land. Ultimately in every contest there has to be a winner and loser and for die hard fans, losing can be really hard to take, as this metrosexual Alabama fan demonstrates on national TV. Sure Nick Saban let you down, again and sure your overly hot girlfriend has lost all respect for you but is that a reason for tears? I guess it is. After all, in Alabama what else do they have to look forward too? I will let you ponder that a minute...see there isn't that much going on besides Alabama football.

If you hear rumbling beneath you that would be the sound of legendary Alabama Coach Paul " Bear" Bryant spinning in his grave. Bear may have lost a few big games but he never cried about it.