Being that it's U.L.'s Homecoming this weekend, there's a good possibility Cajun Field is going to be PACKED. It's also a good possibility that there will be quite a few of you who haven't gone to a game yet, or have folks coming in from out of town. Well, we've got you covered with this U.L. Game Day Advisory. It's everything you ever wanted to know about the do's and do-nots of game day, but were afraid to ask.

• Free general parking (G) is located in the North and East lots at Cajun Field.
• Overflow general parking is located at the Hilton Garden Inn.
• Parking in any residential areas or business parking lots may result in towing. These areas are not monitored by UL, and UL is not responsible for parking in these lots.
• When approaching Cajun Field, you will be directed by parking enforcement to the appropriate lot. If you attempt to park on your own, you are doing so at your own risk.
• Motorized carts are not permitted anywhere at Cajun Field.
• Passes will be hole punched beginning at noon. Re-entry is not allowed after this time.
• Reinhardt Drive and Stadium Road behind the press box will close at noon due to increased pedestrian traffic.

• All grass areas around Cajun Field are reserved tailgating and are sold out for this season.
• Traditional tailgating is allowed in parking lots at the discretion of the officers.
• It must not take up an additional parking space or extend into any vehicle access way
• Tailgating rules must be followed.
• Free gameday RV tailgating is not allowed in general parking lots. You will be directed to the appropriate lot by parking enforcement on gameday.
• Keep access lanes clear for traffic and emergency vehicles.

***Reinhardt Drive and Stadium Road will close at noon on gameday.***
All tailgaters will still be allowed to access their spots by entering Gate 2 or Gate 3 (Blue Arrows). Access lanes will be available to enter from the gravel lot; however, no vehicular traffic will be allowed on Reinhardt Drive. TG1 Tailgaters from spots 1-65 will be allowed access through the alleyway near the mechanical building from the gravel lot (Green Arrows). For those in spots 1-20, you will be able to pull up to Stadium Road on the alleyway near the mechanical building or in the access lanes to unload. However, you will not be able to turn onto Stadium Road.

Entrance into Cajun Field
• To provide a better gameday experience for our fans, we ask that you TRAVEL LIGHT when coming into the stadium. This will allow you to move through bag check quicker and to prevent any personal items that are not allowed from being confiscated.
• All security procedures are in-line with National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) training.
• The use of large bags over 8.5” by 11” is discouraged as it will cause delays through bag check.
• All carried items must be checked every time you enter the stadium. This includes:
• Bags
• Purses
• Large wallets
• Stadium chairs
• Diaper bags and baby supplies are allowed. Diaper bags are subject to search.

• Items not permitted:
• Outside food or drink
• Umbrellas
• Artificial noisemakers
• Strollers
• Ice chests
• Coolers
• Backpacks
• Lawn chairs
• Weapons
• Student IDs are scanned at all stadium entrance gates.
Cajun Field Seating
• Reserved seating is located in Sections A-G on the first level, Sections UA-UG and CC-EE on the second level, and Sections H-J on the visitor side.
• General admission seating is located in Sections AA-BB and Sections FF-GG on the second level and Sections O-P on the visitor side.
• Student and student escort seating is available in Sections K-N on the visitor side.
• Handicap patron seating is available behind Sections A-G on the home side with a raised area above Section F and Section J on the visitor side. Only one person will be allowed seating to assist the handicap patron. Standing in these areas throughout the game is not permitted.