One of the greatest gifts my Dad gave me was the appreciation of words. My Dad loved to write poems. He didn't write fancy poems. He wrote poems that rhymed. They all dealt with common subjects too. I like to write poems as well. I would like to think I follow in my Dad's footsteps in this regard.

Here's a little ditty I wrote while sitting waiting on a flight in the Orlando Airport Monday morning. I was waiting on a flight to come back to Lafayette via Atlanta. I don't think I need to dust off a place on the shelf for a Pulitzer Prize but I would feel honored if you took a minute to read it.

Alone in an Airport: by Bruce MIkells

At an empty gate I have found a seat

I open my bag and have something to eat.

The price at the airport is always too high

Almost twenty bucks for an RC and a Moon Pie.


I hide in the corner away from the masses

I create a story for each person that passes.

Coming or going they are all ready to roam

Some are vacationing while the others head home.


A guy with a cellphone into the speaker he yells

A man in a ball cap walks by, and he smells.

The line at the Starbucks is thirty people deep

I can’t help but imagine them all as just sheep.


The TSA agent yells out what to do

A man shoves his cellphone down inside his shoe.

A couple walks by, their’ having a fight

I hope that it’s over, if they’re on my flight.


A mom with a small child struggles with cases

I look for the signs of emotion in faces.

Are they heading some place to be greeted with smiles?

Or are they traveling in solitude for their Delta Sky Miles.


Their names I don’t know, the faces a blur

They must feel the same way about me, That I’m sure.

If you’ve sat in an airport then you know what I mean,

I’m alone in the corner with my Dramamine.


At last a voice calls ,it is time for me to board

I gather my things and speak to the Lord.

“Watch over us all, keep us safe from harm,

Bring us back home to some kind loving arms”.