I know, I know, I know, we don't get blow up any more stuff until December but I wanted to plant this idea now so you could save your money to get this. Most fireworks are boring if you ask me. They are basically monotonous until you get to big finale when the real dollars get spent. The incendiary device you are about to see combines two of the the firework genres best moves.

It takes the spiral of a pinwheel and combines it with the height and explosiveness of artillery shells. I don't know where you get this kind of firework. I am guessing you probably need a license or you are missing a few fingers from the trial and error method.

Speaking of fireworks, do you hate sparklers as much as I do? I see no good that can come from sparklers. They don't really do anything, they are boring and other than the chance you could get a third degree burn why would you even want to light one? Enough of my rant, here is what you came to see.