With the new VA Clinic set to open soon, the Lafayette City-Parish Council voted unanimously to install a traffic light near it on Ambassador Caffery.

“Most of the citizens making a left turn across all of that northbound traffic on Ambassador Caffery are elderly, some are disabled, some are impaired and those veterans need a stop light,” said Jim Nunn, Co-chairman of the Veterans Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana.

The traffic light is exactly what veterans will see when going to the new clinic.

City-parish council member Bruce Conque said safety was the biggest factor in the council's decision.

“First of all, the Veterans Coalition worked long and hard to get their clinic located on here on Caffery and their one last hurdle was to make certain that the patients that access the clinic can do so in a safe manner.

“What we are doing is putting in a modified traffic signal, which will have a protected left turn signal,” said Conque.

The light will cost about $100,000, money well-spent according to the council.

The installation of the new traffic light should happen around mid-November.