The question, What is America's favorite beverage? Let's take a look at our choices. You are in need of a cool refreshing drink to quench the thirst of a dry throat. The choice is yours, what do you reach for?

Do you reach out for a well known soft drink? Do you go for an energy drink? Do you like the sports drinks that supposedly replace all those nutrients your body has lost by sweating? Or do you reach for water?

For the first time in almost 30 years American's are reaching for water more than they are soda pop. According to a report from Beverage Digest, Americans now consume an average of 58 gallons of water per year per person. That is up considerably from the 1990's when the average water consumption was only 44 gallons of water per person.

What caused the change in the what to drink dynamic? You can blame the media for this too. Since media outlets begin reporting on the growing epidemic of obesity in our country many Americans have sworn off high sugar soda and have begun to reach for a bottle of water. Therefore the pendulum of consumption has now swung to the healthier side of beverage choices.

If you think this means trouble for the major soda producers across the land, don't you worry about them. Almost all of the leading bottled waters are bottled, marketed and distributed by the same companies that put a cold soda pop in your cooler.

I see this as a good trend. I like soda. I am especially fond of Coke Zero and Diet Dr. Pepper but to be quite honest on a hot day after mowing the yard, an ice cold glass of water is hard to beat.