We have had a microwave oven in our house for over a decade. It was just a few days ago my kids figured out that you are supposed to put a paper towel or some other covering on top of cooking food to keep it from splattering. Needless to say our microwave needs a good cleaning quite often. Since cleaning is not something I do well or enjoy doing I always look for shortcuts. I think I have found a keeper. Never underestimate the power of vinegar.

Vinegar seems to be a miracle elixir that has more uses than you can actually think of. Vinegar can help with indigestion, it can clean your battery cables, it can help make your home more healthy and now it can help you clean all that baked on gunk out of your microwave.

Wouldn't you know this helpful hint came from a very southern sounding homemaker. Enjoy her accent and just know that steaming vinegar in the microwave will help you keep your oven clean and healthy even after the kids have burned popcorn.