First Oprah nearly kills Hugh Jackman this morning,and Kelly Ripa is on crutches with a broken hip, what could be worse? Well if you guessed a new daytime talk show starring the Dreamy Anderson Cooper you would be correct. I should say, I really like Anderson Cooper, he stuck to his guns when it came to keeping New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in the news after Katrina, I respect him for that and I think his new daytime talk show will do well, but what to call it?

That makes him the second TV personality in recent months to go with a first-name title for his show, Conan O'Brien being the first.

Okay so they didn't break the bank coming up with the name of the show but if you'd like to get the skinny on the dreamy one, give a click below and read on my friends.

(via Anderson Cooper’s daytime show gets name, will replace Oprah’s show - Yahoo! News.)