The folks to the west over in Texas like to say "It's like a whole other country". If Texas is like a whole other country then Louisiana must be like "a whole other planet" and South Louisiana would be " the most awesome moon orbiting that whole other planet".

We have so much to be proud of in Acadiana. We were just recognized as the Tastiest Town in the South by Southern Living Magazine. Our Festival International is nominated for outstanding music festival in the world and that's just the awards we've been involved with this month.

That explains why so many people like to claim South Louisiana as home but we've found a rather tongue-in-cheek test to weed out the imposters. Watch this less than two minute video and tell me how many of these things you recognize and understand. Chances are you know them all and probably can add a few dozen other ones to the list. Y'all feel free to throw out some more ways "You know you are from South Louisiana".