It can be very hard to train a dog to not use the restroom on your rug, tear up your favorite sneakers, or bark uncontrollably on Saturday morning; however, it is possible to train a dog. I am almost to my breaking point with my roommate's furry friend. She is the most stubborn, hard-headed dog I have ever been around in my entire life. It may or may not be too late to change the 4-legged noise box's behavior. These training tips could definitely help.

If you have a dachshund, you probably know how naturally stubborn they are to begin with. Growing up, my first dog was a dachshund. He didn't use the restroom inside or bark uncontrollably, but he loved to tear up shoes, patio furniture, etc. Other breeds certainly have their own issues as well.

I don't believe in beating or spanking the heck out of your dog if they do have an "accident" or make intentional mistakes. There are more effective ways to teach your dog how to properly behave, for good. Here are some dog training mistakes a lot of people are making:

  1. Don't beat - ignore instead. If your dog does something that really erks you, such as using the restroom in the house on purpose, give it one spanking with a newspaper or magazine and then basically shun the dog for some time after. Put him or her outside, in their kennel for time-out, or just ignore the dog altogether so they get the point.
  2. You do not praise your pup enough. If your dog enjoys ticking you off by using the restroom in the house every time you leave, start making an effort to praise or congratulate your pooch every time he or she uses the restroom outside. Soon, they will become use to the good attention they are receiving each and every time they use the green grass to go.
  3. You are using too much emotion. When training your dog, you cannot be too angry, irritated, or aggressive. However, being too energetic, loud, or elated isn't good for the dog either. It is important to keep a calm demeanor and illustrate an easy sense of authority and patience. Dogs take after their owners more than we think. If you are calm, they are calm. If you are high strung, they are high strung.
  4. You are inconsistent. You know the people who spank their dogs and then love on them five minutes later? Yeah, that is not good. Dogs need to feel and know that their owners are consistent with training and rule setting. This will keep the dog from being confused on what is right or wrong. Example: if you become angry with your dog because he or she is begging people for food, don't give him or her your dinner scraps 2 minutes later.
  5. You aren't trying different training techniques. Even though each breed has specific characteristics, every dog has a distinct personality that the owner needs to figure out.  As a trainer, it may take several different training techniques to find the right one for your pooch. Understand your dog.
If you are curious to learn more dog training techniques, Modern Dog has some great ones! Good luck with dog training, dawg peeps!