ATM GAME RULES - October 5, 2015 through October 28, 2015

The ATM GAME is a contest played on air at KMDL-FM. The contest is played via telephone at 7:40am, 1:40pm and 5:40pm (approximately) each weekday on KMDL. There is also a bonus game played at 9:40am on Thursday during the run of the contest.

To Play the Game:  Between :45 minutes and :30 minutes before the contest is to air KMDL will announce an amount of money that is available to win in the ATM Game. Potential contestants are required to know the exact amount of cash that is available before they are allowed the opportunity to win the money. KMDL will solicit a random caller via telephone at the appointed game times. The random caller will be asked to correctly identify the amount of money that is available to win at they time. If they have properly identified the amount of money in the ATM account for that particular play time they are given the opportunity to proceed with the game.  To win the money the player will need to correctly identify all four numbers in order of a pre determined PIN number. The numbers are selected in order and each number must be correct before the caller is allowed to make a guess on the next number. The player continues to guess until they have incorrectly identified a digit in the PIN or they have successfully identified all four numbers. If the caller correctly identifies all four numbers in the correct order they will be awarded the monetary prize associated with the game. There will be one player per play time.


  1. All contestants must be a U.S. Citizen 18 years old or older.
  2. All contestants must be able to provide proof of identity with a government issued photo I.D. and have a valid Social Security Card.
  3. All winners are responsible for all state, federal and local taxes.
  4. There is a limit of one winner per household or common address during the air dates of the ATM game.
  5. KMDL is not responsible for telephone failures, dropped calls or in audible calls. If it is determined the quality of the telephone connection is not audible quality the call will be terminated and the next caller in line will be given the opportunity to play the game.
  6. Monetary prizes will be paid from Town Square Media Corporate offices via check. Winners should allow 6- 8 weeks after verification for payment.
  7. By participating in the ATM GAME contestants agree to abide by the stated rules of the contest and understand that all decisions regarding participation and disqualification are those of KMDL and its parent company. All decisions made in regards to this contest are final.
  8. By participating in the ATM GAME contest players agree to hold KMDL harmless in the event of any injury, loss of wages or death that might occur by choosing to participate in the contest.