If you're an e-Bill customer of Atmos Energy, you may have gotten an email from them recently warning of an email scam. It's a national scam that has been affecting people across the country, including right here in Acadiana.

Here's what the email I got from Atmos looks like -

"As an Atmos Energy e-Bill customer you are accustomed to receiving your monthly bill notice by email. We would like to inform you of a widespread email scam which portrays a bogus Atmos Energy bill. The emails have been sent to individuals nationwide including Atmos Energy customers.

The "phishing" message references a fake account number and contains links to fraudulant websites. The email provides links to mislead you in believing you are going to view your bill, learn more about natural gas or view bill inserts. Actually, the links lead you to a compromised website that hides malware. We are asking anyone who receives that deceptive email to delete it immediately and do not click on any links. "