In my line of work I have a great big mouthpiece and when we speak here at 97.3 The Dawg a lot of people can hear our opinions. I have to be careful how I use this forum. I say that because I don't want to be unfair to anyone, a listener, an advertiser or a company no matter how big it happens to be. The truth is a lot of us just aren't satisfied with our wireless phone service from AT&T. As you can tell by reading our Facebook posts from yesterday it isn't just Bruce Mikells that is having an issue. So if I'm not throwing stones what is the purpose of this article? 

I want to know if first AT&T is listening to "us" and second do they care that we aren't satisfied as customers? I know in the radio business if you don't like me, don't like a song, don't like a DJ all you have to do is push a button. You don't have to call me up to tell me good-bye. But when you sign a two year service agreement what rights do you have?

 I am so tired of hearing we will write up a service ticket or you're the only one that has called about that issue. I am not here to bust the chops of AT&T in fact I am extending the use of my forum, the radio station and the internet to explain what we as customers need to do so we can get the level of service we are paying for. Or is this it? Are we getting the best service that AT&T can offer. I think we need to know, not in phone company jargon, but in simple customer friendly terms.

 Here is my invitation, please contact me AT&T consumer relations division, give me the answers so I can share with what appears to be quite a few disgruntled customers of yours. I want my fancy smart phone to work. I don't mind paying for the service to make it work, I just want and need to know what to expect when I push the buttons on my phone.

 If  you are having an issue with your service let me know as well just in case someone from AT&T is listening. I want to get this all out in the open so we can use our smart phones, wireless devices and other neat gadgets with the kind of service we are paying for with our hard earned money. I do welcome your comments. Communication is a two way street unless you don't have any bars on  your phone.