Pardon me while I wax nostalgic for a moment. It wasn't that long ago that radio DJ's such as myself would be planning for "on location" broadcasts at the post office on Moss Street tonight. You see it's April 15th, the Federal Tax Filing Deadline and many Americans wait to the last minute to handle this chore.

The Tax Day broadcast at the post office was like a party with a giant slice of our community. It didn't matter whether you were black, white, Democrat, Republican or any combination of all four, this night you were an American and you were kind of pissed off at your government.

Thanks to E- Filing we don't do those broadcast any more because there will only be a handful of people that will actually go to the post office to mail in their return.  With the  electronic filing it's so much easier to click, cut, paste, drag, send and then curse. It is estimated that 85% of people in Louisiana will use this method of filing.

Regardless of how you file, you need to do that before midnight tonight. Or at least you need to file an extension so you don't have Uncle Sam breathing down your neck like the credit card companies already do. If you need to file an extension you'll need form 4868 and you can find that at the Internal Revenue Service website.

A reminder if you owe money, you still need to pay today even if you aren't exactly sure how much that is. Even if you file an extension you need to send the money in.  Uncle Sam will let you know if you paid too much or paid too little at a later date.