The purpose of any advertisement is to get you, the consumer, to remember the product and hopefully spend your money to purchase it. Beer companies do a great job of getting you to remember their products.

The idea with a lot of beer advertising is not so much the product as it is the image. The beer companies know that if you feel cool with one of their beers in your hand you will buy it.

It's a lot like women purchasing purses with the designer labels on the outside. The idea is to let other women know that you are cool and sophisticated enough to purchase a known brand. The difference is a purse will last a while, a beer is only as good as the next trip to the can.

Regardless here is a quite funny advertisement from Australia. They are poking fun at the Hollywood style police chase. I think they get it right. In fact all that running made me thirsty. What was the name of that beer they were selling?