The slamming of doors, the raised voices, the icy stares and the getting of the coats and leaving mad, all part of the holiday tradition right? Well unless you are the Waltons, this has probably happened at your house at least once over the holiday season. Why do we fight with siblings and relatives when we all get together for a joyous celebration? Okay a little too much booze might contribute but there is really more to it. Want to know some tricks to keep YOU out the line of fire?

No matter how mature your relatives may be in everyday life, when thrown together in an old, familiar situation, they regress and their issues take center stage. Why? Experience has taught them that this behavior succeeds in getting people to focus on them and their agendas,

We have them for you and I bet you will see every situation we describe unfold right before your eyes over the 48 hours. Give it a click and then report back to me on how things went. Otherwise I will be looking for you and your family next year on the Cops Christmas Special.

(via HowtoavoidholidayfamilyfightsonShine.)