While I personally have never been in a fraternity I do have many friends that lived the Greek lifestyle while on a college campus. While the horrendous act of hazing has calmed down considerably since I was on a college campus there are still plenty of rather strange initiation rituals that Greeks put their pledges through. This isn't a story about one of those rituals.

This is a story about a man who appears to have a bit of a perverted side. According to Baton Rouge Police 32 year old Charles Jeremy Harrison of Denham Springs was not pledging a fraternity or even in college. Baton Rouge PD spokesperson Don Coppola explains what he was doing after the department received a complaint from a female jogger.

She advised that while running around the lakes she was stopped by Harrison and he exposed his genitals to her. He advised that while pledging for a fraternity, he must show his genitals to 100 women before he could be let in.

Coppola also told the Louisiana Radio Network that  the suspect was identified from other police reports and the female jogger was also able to identify him from a police photographic line-up. As far as fraternities on the LSU campus are concerned. None reported Harrison was pledged for membership in fact, LSU has no record of any student by that name currently enrolled at the university.

Harrison has been charged with one count of obscenity in connection with this incident.