We've all has the pleasure of hitting 5 o'clock traffic in Baton Rouge. It's a real joy, right? Every time I do, I honestly think "How Do People Live Here And Do This Every Day???". The traffic isn't just bad at drive time, it's bad ALL the time. Well, it's not just us thinking the traffic is bad, it's actually now been dubbed some of the worst traffic in the country!

From wbrz.com -

"Recently, a traffic tracking company released a study of the most congested cities and highway systems in the world. Baton Rouge was ranked in the top 50 of all of North America.

In particular, researchers said the worst area is I-10 between LA 415 and Dalrymple. It's less than a five mile stretch that should take about five minutes to drive but usually takes 14. And, on the worst days, vehicles move at an annoying eleven miles-per-hour. Drivers who routinely get stuck here waste as much as 35 hours a year, the study found."

We all know that Lafayette traffic is pretty ridiculous, but next time you get stuck on Ambassador, just think about how bad our buddies down I-10 have it...