I know it seems the ultimate oxymoron to use the words Disney and thrifty anywhere close to each other. If you have ever visited the house of mouse you know it can be pretty pricey. However, Disney Movies offer some excellent advice on how to mind our own pennies so we can afford that trip to "The Happiest Place on Earth".

While pondering what Disney movie to watch the other night, I got to thinking. Could there possibly be any frugal wisdom buried within these gems? The answer, of course, was yes. And surprisingly, these frugal lessons were not too difficult to find. So after much careful consideration, here is my list of the top ten frugal lessons we can learn from Disney movies (in chronological order, of course).

Seems to me just having a Fairy Godmother would be just like winning the lottery. Never the less, a click below offers some well thought out advice that you can star teaching the kids at a very tender age.