You know you're going to want to spend some time outside this summer. You will probably fire up the grill, slip on the flip flops and begin the process of donating blood,not in the good way.


The experts are saying the mosquito population is going to be out in force this summer because of the warm winter. What can you do to help keep the mosquitoes away from your yard?



Clean The Place Up: I know that's the last thing you wanted to hear but cleanliness is next to 'skeeterless. Mosquitoes really like high grass and yard trash. That is where they like to live. If you take away the place to live chances are the mosquitoes will move on down the road. Maybe if your neighbors have high grass these pest will be too full to fly into your yard.

Drain Standing Water: If you have old tires or plant buckets or pots make sure they aren't holding standing water. That is where mosquitoes breed and grow as babies. Standing water can show up in the strangest places so double check your property and find away to either flip the flower pots over or put in a drain hole so you won't have that standing water issue.

Grow Natural Repellant Plants: Mother Nature always has a system of checks and balances and she has her own way of dealing with mosquitoes. Did you know there are certain plants and flowers you can plant that will actually keep the little blood suckers away? Basil and Lemongrass are some great examples and if you don't mind an intoxicated kitty you can grow Catnip too.

Cook With Repellants: I know you just did a double take when you read that. I am not saying  put a citronella candle in with your burgers or spray Off! on your steak. Certain herbs and spices like sage and rosemary when tossed on the hot coals will not only add a little zing to your food but the oils from these plants added to your grill smoke will keep the mosquitoes away.

Watch What You Wear: Mosquitoes must like vampire movies because just like the two legged blood suckers mosquitoes allegedly prefer dark clothing. So your choice of a tropical shirt and bright yellow shorts will be perfect for your outdoor party. This is your perfect excuse to dress like an equatorial bird and strut your stuff around the pit with scientific reasoning to back up your poor fashion sense.

That's just a few ways you can beat the bite. We do recommend that you put on some insect repellent especially on the kids. Find one that works good for you and remember to use it if you're going to be outside at dusk or dawn when the mosquitoes like to feed. We don't want them dining on you.